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At NAM, we are manufacturers and distributors of architectural metal products offering an extensive lineup of quality metal parts and precision metalwork finishes that can be combined in any number of combinations to realize your vision. We work closely with contractors, architectural specialists and fabricators in order to supply and deliver truly unique and exquisite results. If you don’t see what you need or if you’re trying to push the envelope of your architectural metal design services, contact us. We’ll help you make your vision a reality.

Stock Metals

We maintain a large supply of architectural metals for distribution of Stainless Steel, Muntz, Architectural Bronze, Commercial Bronze, Brass, and Aluminum.

Stainless Steel



230 Red Brass
260 Yellow Brass
360 Yellow Brass
464 Naval


220 Commercial
280 Muntz
385 Architectural



View our architectural metals available. Look to us whenever you need new metals for your custom fabrication and architectural metalwork services.

Stock Shapes

Below is a list of the typical shapes that we offer, each in any finish. We will work with you to get the best products you need for your architectural project. If you don’t see your item, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Angle / Irregular Angle


Round Rod

Square Rod

Flat Bar


Sheets / Plates

Rectangular Tubing

Square Tube

Tube / Pipe

Glass Cap


Learn more about our stock shapes.


Most common specs/finishes:  #3, #4, #6 Satin finishes; Grits 180 or 240; 20RA-40RA; Random Orbital or Non-Directional Grain finishes are used in a wide variety of applications, with the type of grain pattern selected to meet the requirements of a given project.  A #6 satin long grain (hairline) finish receives additional polishing to give the appearance that the grain runs continuously along the entire length of the surface. In addition, we can create a very fine, non-directional satin (angel hair) pattern.

Learn more about our grain finishes.


Most common finishes:  #7 Pre-buff, #8, High Polish Super 8

We offer metalwork polishing for all of our metal types including #4 satin metal finishing, an all-purpose, polished finish that gives the metal a refined and smooth appearance, which helps to highlight all architectural elements like glass. We are also specialists in #8 mirror, 8 super mirror and High Polish Super 8 finishing used for a highly reflective, mirror appearance and a surface much like that of a mirror, that is virtually free of grit lines. The finish is polished directionally and easily blended for fabrication. A true Super 8 is a step above the traditional #8 mirror finish.  This superior mirror finish is the cleanest, truest mirror, but it is also used the least often as it is extremely difficult to match, maintain and repair.  A #7 or Pre-buff finish is a clouded or hazy mirror finish.  The grain is purposely left in the material and it is used for ornamental applications that do not require the full mirror finish, or applications that require a smooth surface preparation for coating.

Learn more about our finishing and polishing.

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