When you consider all of the variables in working with architectural metals, it’s safe to say that no two applications are exactly alike. Depending on your metal project requirements, we offer a host of in-house services to ensure your solution is exactly what you need.

Materials and Finishes Selection

We offer a wide assortment of pre-polished architectural metals that provide numerous options in countless combinations. Our staff of industry experts is available to help you select the best metal, finish, size and shape for the job based on your design, application and installation needs. Whether you’re looking for a tried and true material/finish or something new and revolutionary, we’ll collaborate with you to make it happen.

Design Engineering

Architectural designs that feature special metals and finishes can often benefit from our experience and insight, especially when materials are exposed to weather, light, heat, touch or other variables. Our engineers can ensure your design will look and function as intended from the moment it’s installed for the life of the application. See our stock architectural metal shapes.

Metal Fabrication, Machining and Production

Working with metals is equal parts science and art. Knowing how your choice of metal will respond to the fabrication process plays a critical role in the quality of the finished product. Through decades of experience, we can help you identify, understand and overcome any potential production issues with exclusive processes that allow us to fabricate your design to match your vision. NAM offers a variety of in-house machining capabilities for use in the production of prototypes, finished product and short production runs. We are your one-stop source for all your architectural metal polishing and metal finishing requirements.

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