Metal Polishing Services

When you consider all of the variables in working with architectural metals, it’s safe to say that no two applications are exactly alike. Depending on your metal project requirements, we offer a host of in-house metal polishing services to ensure your solution is exactly what you need.

At Nationwide Architectural Metals, we pride ourselves on providing architectural finishing and polishing services that endure for years to come. Our focus on architectural metals means we know you expect aesthetics to be a top priority in your project. We provide architectural polishing and finishing services that meet our customers’ exact specifications. NAM has had over 40 years to perfect our metal polishing services, 40 years that can be clearly seen in the final product our customers receive today.

We provide custom, satin or mirror architectural polishing and finishing services to customers around the world. NAM provides polishing and finishing services for stainless steel, muntz/naval brass, commercial bronze, architectural bronze, brass, and aluminum.

Mirror Metal Finish

  • #7 Mirror Finish A smooth buffed finish with a highly reflective surface in which grit lines are not removed. The metal is belt polished with a 280-320 belt then buffed with a cut and color compound. This finish is a good way to get metal shiny, but not flawless.
  • #8 Directional Mirror Finish An extremely reflective surface due to many stages of directional buffing and polishing. It is completed by buffing with a rouge compound. This finish will show slight buffing lines deep in the mirror reflection creating a very light haze.
  • #8 Super Mirror Finish (Non-Directional Mirror Finish) – No grit lines, no haze. This finish is used in architectural and design projects where the outward appearance of the metal is critical.

Satin Metal Finish

#2B/Mill Finish – The unpolished look of the cold rolled material immediately after milling. This finish has some luster, but is not reflective. #2B/Mill Finish is recommended when appearance is not a factor in the application of the metal.

Bright Annealed Finish – A reflective, mirrorlike appearance with some imperfections and cloudiness. Annealed finishes are accomplished by heat-treating the metal in a furnace and allowing it to cool slowly. This is a lower-cost option.

#3 Satin Finish – A coarse finish. #3 Satin Finish is polished using a wide belt machine with the finish measuring between a 60-80 Grit and 50 RA.

#4 Satin Finish – A fine polishing grit line that is uniform and directional. While similar to #3, #4’s final polishing is done using a higher grit of 120-180 and 32 RA Max producing a smoother, more refined finish. This finish is commonly used for stainless steel products.

#4 Long-Grain Finish – Grain pattern with a continuous grit line. This finish begins with the same initial process of #4 standard finish, with the grain running continuously along the length of the product. It is commonly referred to as a “hairline” finish.

#4 Cross-Grain Finish – Begins with the same initial process of a standard #4 finish with a change of direction of the grain resulting in a horizontal direction.

#4 Non-Directional Satin Finish – Begins with the same initial process of a standard #4 finish, but is completed so that the grit is in a random orbital finish.

#6 Satin Finish – Results in an even smoother appearance than #4 finish. After initial polishing, the final finish is achieved by polishing with a 240-320 grit abrasive belt and measures a 20 RA max. Used frequently for 304 Stainless Steel.

#6 Long-Grain Finish – Known as the hairline finish. This finish begins with the same initial procedure with grain running continuously along the length of the product.

#6 Cross-Grain Finish – Grain running in a horizontal direction. This finish is the same initial process of #6 standard.

#6 Non-Directional Satin Finish – Another variant of the #6 finish, this is a random orbital finish.

Custom Metal Finish

NAM offers high-quality, professional custom metal polishing. If you need a metal finish that is not listed on our website, no problem. Simply contact our team and we’ll work with you to create the exact metal finish you’re looking for. We are able to match samples and provide virtually any type of finish you desire.

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